How We Love a Sleeping Baby...

...Oh, let me count the ways.

Right now it's about 7:30 p.m.--prime time for getting Little Man to sleep. That is, if he weren't asleep already. I took him into work today and he passed out an hour earlier than his usual time of 7:30ish. No problem with that except he'll most likely wake up at 6 a.m. We co-sleep with Milo--meaning he sleeps in a crib with one side removed that's attached to our bed. Co-sleeping is great. I know, I know, it's become taboo to get in the discussion of where babies should sleep, BUT I just want to say that co-sleeping has been a god-send for me. Milo nurses at night but he doesn't necessarily wake up to do it. I can feed him before he fusses, he eats and then it's back to sleep.

Milo sleep = Mommy sleep. I dig it.

Watching Seinfeld:
"Is it possible they're just having babies so people will visit them?" and "YOU GOTTA SEE THE BABY!"

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