Whoops--apparently I've been too busy for this blog. Actually, we've all been doing a million things!

I've been working like mad to make some money while staying at home with Milo. It's not easy (not that anyone said it would be, but...)! I'm accepting freelance writing gigs (which stress me out--not gonna lie) and hope to be doing some research work in the future. I'm doing ChaCha for a few hours at night. ChaCha, for those not in the know, is a free text answering service. Got a question about anything? Text it to ChaCha at 242 242 and receive a factual answer in minutes from a Guide like me. It's a cool gig, though I'm not making a whole lot per hour right now. It's fun, though. Oh, and Mommy has a blog.

He started his real estate classes today at Hondros College! He's extremely excited and totally geeked up about becoming a real estate agent. I like seeing him strive ahead (and so does he!). He's working a lot and being great about my crazy freelancing career. I can't adequately say all he's doing. Maybe he'll have to write a post on here some day. Oh, and Daddy has a blog, too!

Now for the fun stuff! Milo is teething (not fun) but he's laughing his way through it (fun!). He's such a happy baby and I'm so lucky that I picked him from the cabbage patch! He still smiles and laughs at dogs and cats. Lately we've been taking him to the pool. He enjoys splashing around and seeing other people swim. And boy, does it wear him out! (I LOVE THE POOL!) He sleeps well for the most part--going to bed anytime from 8:30pm - 9pm and waking around 7am - 9 am. It works! He can sit up by himself and is starting to go on his knees into a crawling position. He's the best!

I want to write so much more but I'm dead tired...

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