Multiple Blog Disorder Ends Here

Hello, my name is Sarah. I suffer from Multiple Blog Disorder (MBD). In essence, I have way too many blogs and they're growing stale from neglect. I didn't know what to do... Let them rot? Dust them off, start posting again and act like nothing happened?

No, I'm going to ditch everything and start a new, superior, all-in-one blog. Welcome to Mamahood... in the (216). I'll talk about my semi-radical mama life and what it's like raising a vegan baby in a McDonald's world and shed a few tears over my fallen city of grey otherwise known as Cleveland, Ohio.

And I promise. I swear. I will not neglect this blog.

This blog will contain:Urban decay (not the brand--the real thing). After all, I live in Cleveland. It's part of our culture.

Baby stuff. (I'm raising an 11 month-old son.)

And, you know, other stuff. Just wait and see.


  1. Oh, yeah? I think there might be a way to transfer blogger entries from one journal to another...but it might be complicated.

  2. Yeah, I thought about that but then I don't want to import all my old junky posts. =)