Why? (#1)

I ask "WHY?" about a million things in life. (Duh, we all do.)

WHY are people so blind?
WHY is my son is bed yet?
WHY does Pandora think I'll like some wussy emo-pop song?

Here is the story of the moment that I ask WHY about... Actually, I don't ask WHY about this story per se... but rather the impetus for the story. Why are people lining up to vaccinate their babies against swine flu??? Hasn't the illness peaked and pretty much left? Was it even so bad to begin with? And, here's proof it's not even strong enough to work: it was recalled.


Vaccines piss me off. Not because of their intention but because of the way people blindly line up to get them and the way doctors act like you're psycho if you refuse 'em.

And... Why is my baby waking up??!


  1. Hi Sarah, Please help. www.forantonia.wordpress.com

    A concerned Dad and Husband
    David Broadwell

  2. I need your help in getting the word out. I only know a handful of people. Please.

  3. Hello Sarah,

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    Chad Bilyeu