I don't know how I could have ever considered myself busy before I had a baby. I mean, right now I'm juggling raising a baby with writing three articles by Friday, selling diaper covers, getting in some exercise (jogging and free weights) and maintaining a shred of sanity. Take away the baby and that leaves a big chunk of "free" time. So how could I have ever called myself "busy"??? (This isn't to stay that people without kids can't be busy...so don't get huffy, Miss Editor friend--I know you're running around like crazy!)

I'm stressing out about jobs since my contract ends in late July. I REALLY wanna work at home and it looks like I'm gonna have to fight to do it. It's such a shame that I have engage in a battle to stay home with my little one. Raising a baby is full of enough worries, let alone having to find a source of income. I'm looking for part-time work, preferably stay-at-home so if anyone knows anything please let me know! I'm gonna try my hand at freelance writing but it's scary to think of being paid on assignment with no steady flow of income. I've heard moms are making decent money this way but I worry I won't find any assignments. Sigh. But I do have a writing degree... Four years of college better get me somewhere--and I'm not talking about behind the counter of Subway or the unemployment line!

Enough about me. Milo gave Daddy a great Father's Day gift--a half hour's worth of belly laughs! It was hilarious. I shook a soft crinkly book in front of his face when he was laying on his back and he cracked up. Then I think he kept laughing because he wanted to laugh. So cute. I tried the book trick today to force out some belly laughs but I all got was a little spaced out "Ha....... Ha....... Ha." I wonder if it lost it's appeal already? Babies are fickle.

Milo is almost 5 months old! I can't believe he's close to half a year old! Time flies when you're (truly) busy.

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