Kick, Push, Kick, Push

Kick, kick, kick, puuuush--that's the rhythm of our sleep these days. Kick=the sensation the I feel coming from my right side (and guess who sleeps there). Push=the sensation reciprocated to Mr. Kick-Kick to avoid the kicks. Mr. Kick-Kick then scoots over again, kicks me (again) and I push him back to be more into his crib (yet again).

I'm not complaining. Actually I think it's kinda cute feeling his fat legs being so active.

Anyways, it's late and I need to sleep soon. Tomorrow we'll try to get over to the Nursing Mom's Chat. Milo loves seeing other babies now and I love being able to get out the house.

Jobs pretty much suck nowadays. Jesse's job sucks because they aren't giving him much work and my AmeriCorps*VISTA contract is ending in August (which sucks). He wants to become a real estate agent (seriously). We went to Kohl's today and bought him some dress-up clothes. I'm going to try to make it as a freelance writer. Hey, I have a four year degree in expository writing so I may as well use it! I don't feel comfortable leaving Milo for long stretches so I really, really hope I can work at home.

So, yeah, back to that sleep thing... it's still late and I'm still tired so I'm gonna go now. More later. Rest assured that Milo has been doing lots of napping, sucking his thumb, eating, smiling, laughing and being all-around goofy.

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