Vegan in Cleveland: Tremont

A few days ago I walked around Tremont with my son. Previously, I wrote off Tremont as a snobby, trendy, gentrified area littered with condos and yups. But now I realize that was a hastily-made generalization. Tremont is actually really cute and diverse. Plus, they have a kick-ass bookstore called Visible Voices that has an amazing selection of political books and magazines.

Even more, their old-fashioned ice cream parlor, Tremont Scoops, has a whole line of vegan treats. From vegan cookie ice cream sandwiches to vegan oreo cream pie, Tremont Scoops has the treat for you. They also have vegan buckeyes (YUM!), "nutty buddy" bars, Tofutti ice cream, "cheese" cakes and so much more. My son completely devoured the vanilla Tofutti... he definitely was a happy boy.

Lago, a restaurant specializing in Northern Italian cusine, offers vegetarian specials on Mondays from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and offer a vegan risotto. Ty Fun Bistro is a Thai restaurant offering many vegan entrees.

So, yeah, it may be artsy-trendy and full of expensive (non-vegan) restaurants, but Tremont also has plenty of gems for the hungry vegan. And it's pretty. Just take a stroll around Lincoln Park on a sunny day and you'll fall in love.

[Images via "stu_spivack" (Flickr)]

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