Vote in the 2009 VegNews VeggieAwards--Represent Ohio Veg Businesses!

VegNews Magazine's ballot is up for the 2009 VeggieAwards. Now is your chance for vote for the best of all things vegan. Choose your favorite veg restaurant, bakery, cookie and city, among other categories. My goal was to vote for places close to home.

Of course, most of the places listed are in NYC, San Francisco and LA... I was disappointed that the VegiTerrarean, our local ("local" as defined by Cleveland+) awesome vegan eatery was missing from the "Best Restaurant" category. Not to worry--I wrote in their vote. Even though I love some of the restaurants in the running, I had to represent our region. Cleveland+ represent!

Sadly, that was the only opportunity to represent our city in the 2009 VeggieAwards unless I wrote-in other places--none of which would be entirely vegan. However, I did feel good rep'ing Ohio by casting a vote for Columbus' Pattycake Bakery under the "Best Bakery" category. They make some of the best vegan treats ever and deserve to win. Last year a bakery in NYC won and, while I'm sure their treats are divine, the Midwest deserves some props.

I want to see Cleveland blossom as a veg-friendly city. We have much to offer--it's just scattered amongst the corned beef and ribs. We have vegan grilled cheese sandwiches at Melt, vegan cupcakes and cookies at Sweetie Pie Bakery in Lakewood, dairy-free ice cream treats at Tremont Scoops, and plenty of ethnic restaurants that offer some of the best tofu dishes around (Vietnamese joint Tay Do comes to mind). Let's keep the momentum going. We definitely need an all-vegan restaurant in the city. Then maybe we'll get some recognition. We have accomplished a lot here in Cleveland but, admittently, we have much more to do. I mean if Philadelphia (Phildelphia?!) can be listed as one of the choices for best vegan city, we surely can be listed some day, too. Dream big.

Speaking of Pattycake, I just scored some of their tollhouse cookies, moonpies and buckeye bars today. This is strange because I was sick last night and had a dream my bf was going to Columbus and was stopping at Pattycake. And I was sad because I was too sick to get anything. Luckily, I'm not so sick anymore and can I properly enjoy some tollhouse cookies. Mmmm.

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  1. Thank you for posting when your health is better, a good thing. My friend is vegan, but I am Omni. Good Luck.