Me So Busy

Damn, girl. I have so many topics in my head that I want to rant and rave about but I've just been so busy. Yes, you got it right, I'm too busy for you. Haha. Oh, how I love to act important.

Here's a video that I saw on the news last week. You may have seen it since it's technically "old news" but this stuff happens once in a blue moon and I can't let it fade just yet. The topic is serious (sorry to the poor woman) but I have to laugh nonetheless. How cruel for someone to make a joke out of a missing person (is that what it was?) but, you know, it's still so dang funny.


  1. Confined to that clear plastic ball awaiting sentencing.

  2. Just checking to make sure comments are working on my new layout...

  3. For awhile they didn't. You must have gotten my e-mail.