What White People Like

I've stumbled upon this site before and thought it was funny... but now I find it hilarious. It's painstakingly true. All the descriptions (the "white people") perfectly describe the people I went to college with: the people who want to learn tons of useless academic shit just so they sound smart, whose drive in life is to forgo everything "mainstream."

God, I hope I'm not like that.

I don't want to be against something just because someone deemed it as "mainstream." I may have done a little of this in the past, but I'm much more aware of it now. My boyfriend has really opened my eyes to this sort of non-conformist hypocrisy. In my eyes, he is a true nonconformist--an anarchist who isn't afraid of doing dumb things like watching TV or making money by becoming a real estate agent (not the most edgy/hip job out there...). He wears ripped clothing, and not the trendy kind of ripped clothing. He has really helped me see things for what they are and not to follow a prescribed alternative code of ethics.

I didn't intend on this being "Ode to Boyfriend." I'm just proud that he isn't so white, as "white" defined by What White People Like. Many of the white people described in those posts (the people I went to college with) loved to look down on people who, say, watched TV but I know for a fact those same people had no trouble wasting hours upon hours perfecting their Myspace (or Facebook) profiles. But are useless time-wasters IMO. Both are full of propaganda. Both are full of shit.

Anyways, my favorite posts are #106 Facebook (I love how they say Myspace is full of "the wrong kind of white people," calling it "Digital Detroit.") and #28 Not Having a TV and #47 Arts Degrees.

So funny.

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