Work It, Mama!

I've been in a slump for the past few weeks. I don't what it is but I bet it's directly linked to this crappy (though average) winter weather. I like winter up until the holidays are over. Then the snow stops being festive and pretty and becomes a complete pain in the ass. Now, I don't believe in endlessly complaining about the weather. After all, I chose to live here knowing full well that the winters suck. (Hey, at least it's not as cold in Cleveland as it is in Ithaca, NY, where I went to college!) But, still, I can't help but dream about basking in the sun on a Caribbean beach...

Anyways. I work as a freelance writer. I always feel funny telling people what I do. I sound like such a hack. I bet people think I'm some half-baked college grad who fancies myself a writer because I received an A on some essay in high school and because I can inject the words "pedagogy" and "dichotomy" into a sentence and feel important. But the reality is that I do write and get paid cash for it. (Not much, though.) Therefore I am a writer... of sorts. Not a Writer--just a writer.

I currently write mainly for search engine optimization (SEO) content sites. It can be fun writing a fluff piece on "About Granny Panties" or "The Benefits of Nutritional Yeast" but it's not what I want to do forever. I need to find more clients. I need to expand my efforts. I need to go local. I need to go glossy.

One site I write for has been giving me a headache. Maybe I'm just losing my passion for working with them, I don't know, but it's been depressing me. I need to rise above this and think big. Writing is hard because if you keep it to yourself, you can remain confident in your ability to write but then you'll never get published. Then if you want to get published, you may get rejected. So it's either do nothing and risk being in the same place or take a chance and risk failing.

But I guess that goes for anything in life.

And when I get in a slump, I soon get so sick and tired that all I can do is take a big leap and jump out of it. I guess this is my impetus to change.


  1. I noticed that one of your interests was homeopathy. I am new to blogger but intend on postings some more interesting entries there that you might enjoy. I’m trying to enlighten people about homeopathy. Your blog is great.

  2. I will check out your blog. I'm very interested in homeopathy but I know very little about it (the doses, the ingredients, etc.). Hopefully, that will change!

  3. Fluff pieces about Grannie's Panties? I had a favorite flannel nightie. I loved it. Paid $35.oo for it in the 90s on sale, wore it quite often and even in front of company. Got it out of the dryer one day and the back was facing me. The Seat was nothing but batting and no flannel material - the rest was beautiful and barely looked worn. I wonder how many times I unintentionally exposed my bare ass to company. It's like having a piece of broccoli on your teeth and no one tells you.