Oh, Give Me a Break: Cleveland's Not That Bad

Come on people, where's the love?

According to a new study, no one wants to move to Cleveland (or to any cities in the Midwest in general.)

Yes, Clevelanders, 88 percent of people surveyed don't want to be one of us. Actually, people who rather be Clevelanders than Detroiters, but that's the only city that scored worse than Cleveland.

And I say eff y'all.

We don't want any of you Denver-loving fools here anyhow. Y'all suck.

I mean, Seattle was cited as one of the most popular cities people want to move to. Seattle?! Didn't that city lose its cool after the early 90s? It's all rain and gloom.

I hate how Cleveland has such a bad rep. We're a great city. We have potential. We're down-to-earth. We're accessible. Yet we cave in to these damn stereotypes about how our city is second-class. So what if some wackos want to move to Denver instead of Cleveland. We need to rise above all this negativity and be a little smug. We have plenty to offer at an affordable price. Sure, much needs to be changed (in fact, a lot needs to be changed) but our troubles simply reflect those of the nation. The Midwest just happens to be America's dumping grounds.

So, yeah, eff y'all haters. We don't need you. We'll just sit here in our foreclosed neighborhoods, guarding our copper pipes, freezing our ass off. Hey, it will be warm soon and beautiful. Go have your Rocky Mountains and pretentious baristas.


  1. Yeah! ((shakes fist into air)) You're right. I am not a native & now that I'm here, I'm so glad I ended up here. It's a fantastic city with fantastic amenities and people.

  2. Yes, Cleveland is WAY underrated. It really annoys me how people (many who have never been here) love to perpetrate the stereotype of the 1960s burning river Cleveland. Many of the problems we face are problems of the nation, not of our city specifically.

  3. You know dear girlfriend, I got plenty of pictures!
    There are a few things I miss like public transportation, The Reading Garden at the library, The Old Arcade - Hyatt - (I used to time travel to the 1890s while there), hanging at Voinovich Park, the West Side Market and saying THE JAKE!
    I miss you and all my Cleveland friends, too!
    Clevelanders hurt Cleveland. The Browns left 14 years ago gang. Get over it!

  4. Howdy neighbor! I am in Akron and I must say that Cleveland is great. There is the Rock and Roll HOF, The Natural History Museum (which I love), the zoo is totally awesome, just to name a few. I think it's sad that many people apparently have been misinformed about Cleveland.

    Ok not gonna say it. Will not say it.

    Cleveland rocks!

    Opps said it!

  5. CynDe-- I'll have to see more of your pictures sometime!

    Hollie-- Yes, Cleveland is great. I do have to admit that Akron has one thing over us--a full vegan restaurant (I love VegiTerranean!).

  6. I love the W. 25th area, too. It's especially lovely in the summer with the open air market and the musicians playing in the background. And the falafel there is divine... And, hey, the West Side Market is a sight to be seen.

    And I totally want one of those scooters. A mint green one. Or maybe pink.