Hey, Is That a New Header?

Why, yes it is. Finally my site is coming into fruition. Now I just have to work on that whole content thang...

I have a teething child, I painted the bathroom today, I organized my jewelry--man, that made me realized how badly I need to grow up. My jewelry basically consisted of a box full of jelly bracelets and a plastic pink and blue spiked bracelet. Oh, and a Snoopy necklace.

I didn't do much writing, though. Oh, well.

That's my day in a nutshell. Oh, and I think we might take a trip to Chicago. I need to get outta this city for a bit. Nothing personal, just need to get away from the hum-drum daily grind.

Ok. Teething son beckons...


  1. Sarah,
    I noticed that you wrote about a teething baby and needing to update your jewelry! We have a solution for you!!!! My sister, a dentist, invented Dr. Bloom's Chewable Jewels (safe teething jewelry that you wear and your teething child can chew away on to relieve the pain-check out www.chewablejewels.com) Have a great day!!!

  2. Thanks! I will check it out. My son wears a Baltic amber teething necklace and it seems to help... though it's hard to tell how much of a difference it makes.