Vegan Family Friends

There are days when I feel so alone being vegan. Sure, there are other vegan folk around but they're all single. Some days it's tough raising a vegan family. Am I the only one doing this? There are those days... when everyone is giving their kids Goldfish crackers... or days when the moms are discussing the best organic beef... or when someone makes endless dumb vegan jokes in front of your child. Yeah, those days. The days when I need to hear someone say, "You, too? And I thought I was the only one living the vegan life!"

Here are some sites offering great relief, advice and, yes, camaraderie for those renegade vegan families:


Vegan Family House

Vegan Family Living

VegSource: Veg Parenting

VeganHealth.org: Profiles of Real Vegan Children

The Vegetarian Resource Group

PETA Media Center: Vegan Children--Healthy and Happy


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