It's Almost One Year...

...Since I had my baby boy! I'm in shock. I will try to post his birth story when I find it.

In the mean time, here is a little Milo update. He will be one year old on Monday, January 19th. He's been walking lately. He can walk completely on his own from the living room to the kitchen, but he still likes to walk pushing his truck through the house. He can be a little demon, though--I often catch him aiming his truck at me, the dog, or Jesse's head when lying on the floor. Easy, child!

Milo is such a good-natured, fun-loving boy. He loves to make mommy and daddy laugh. Lately he squints his eyes and makes this goofy face to get us cracking up. Once he sees us laughing, he does it again and again and again. I take him to a baby-and-me class at the library where we sing songs and listen to music. Milo loves this and he especially likes when the teacher blows bubbles throughout the room. (We're trying to find little bottles of bubbles for his birthday party!) He dances now. Usually I play 80s music for him. H's favorite song is still "Devil Town" by Tony Lucca, though it has lost some of the sedative effect it initially had.

Milo is just such a happy kid, though he is starting to throw little tantrums if I move him away from something he wants. Yes, tantrums already. But overall he is just a joy. And that's exactly why, among other reasons, I don't want anymore kids--I will never have a baby who is this easy-going. The next baby would be the baby-from-hell. I know it. So don't try to tell me otherwise!

Dogs, cats, and kids are Milo's favorite at the moment. He knows what a dog is and how a dog goes "woof, woof, woof." He says "dog," and "Da-Da." Still no "mama" yet...

This summer will be so much fun. We'll actually be able to leave the house! I have big plans for this summer... can't wait!


  1. Yay Milo!

    You keep on keepin' on, girl. I'm rooting for you always.

  2. Sending bunches of kisses to those cute baby cheeks!
    What a sweetie pie.
    I concur, the world isn't good enought for Milo!