Know Anything About Creating Your Own Website?

Well... do you?

I'm planning to create my own website to advertise my writing. Right now I have a generic Wordpress site that I want to upgrade. I need my own domain (no "www.whatever.wordpress.com" anymore) and I need a place to host my site. Does anyone have tips on this stuff? I'm planning to run Wordpress--I just need to find a cheap place to buy my domain and host the site. I can design it just fine.

Speak up, geeks! =) hehe.


  1. I bet Kevin knows. He is THE MAN!

  2. I created the homeless stand down site (www.homelessstanddown.org) using Google Sites. It's good for creating certain kinds of sites and is real easy to learn and use, but it's not very deep. Other than that, I don't know much.

  3. Yeah, I would like to talk to Kevin again. What's he up to now?

    Nice site, Josh. I'm actually on the right track now. I bought a few months of hosting at Mom Webs for a really good price and I bought my domain (also cheap). I've installed WordPress and I'm currently picking out the perfect layout to use. This is no easy task for me. I have to scourge a million layouts to make sure the one I like is the absolute best.

    It's annoying to be so graphically-inclined. ;)

  4. So you are compulsively obsessing too? Now I don't feel so alone. I just spent 2 hours on debating whether or not to post a pic I took - been waiting for an opp to use it. Check it out.

    I talked to Kev about a month ago - he said he got the last manufacturing job position in Cleveland.

  5. I am totally obsessing over my new site! I bought the site a few weeks ago and I still don't have it up because the layout has to be just right and the text just so.

    Argh. That, and I need more time to actually work on it. Some day...

  6. I like the new design. Makes me want to eat (savor) cool, refreshing Florida oranges, or enjoy Mandarin oranges on a bed of cool, crisp romaine lettuce also topped with succulent clumps of crab meat, sunflower seeds, raisins, freshly grated mozzarella cheese and poppy seed dressing. Damn it I'm now hungry and longing for a trip to Dave's salad bar and spending the day at Voinovich Park.

  7. Haha. I remember you always going to the Dave's salad bar.

    Yeah, I like the orange layout. I wanted something more "happy" and easier on the eyes. The old layout was too dark. I like this layout b/c I love kitschy retro design. And I love cake.

    Since I'm design-OCD, I debated for a week whether this was the best layout for me. It doesn't exactly scream "alternative vegan mommy," but hey, it does have cake and coffee (and cuteness), and isn't that what a revolution is made of? ;)