Licensed to Ill

I've got a sick kid on my hands and we all know there's nothing worse than that. (Well, nothing worse that can be considered ordinary.) He's such a doll, though, and is still smiling and playing games with me between throwing up. I don't know what to do. He can't eat (not that he ate much anyways) and all I can do is nurse him and give him water, which doesn't stay in his tummy. Blech. The countdown is on until I come down with this nasty bug...

Milo was fine yesterday up until last night. Why do viruses always strike before bedtime? Seriously. Are viruses nocturnal or something? I probably should be napping with him... and maybe I will...

Btw, my blogroll disappeared with the new layout and I haven't gotten around to adding everyone's blogs back. So don't think I hate you if your blog link disappeared.


  1. Don't give him water. I threw up for days with water once my stomach contents emptied and the nurses at college said for me to eat oranges.

    No tummy problems, not sick, just throwing up after a pizza but it lasted for days because I was drinking water.