Milo and His Bag of Tricks

Milo is feeling much better now. Hallelujah! And so is Jesse, who caught the flu right after Milo.

Here's a video I took earlier this week, pre-flu. Milo is now 14 months old and he's a little ham. He loves to make everyone laugh with his "cheezer" (where he smiles and wrinkles his nose), his "Home Alone" (where he slaps his hand to his face) and his famous "squint" (which he does really well at the end of the video.) Here, he does all three and shows off his talking skills ("dada").


  1. Personality + + + +! I'm so happy cute stuff is feeling better.

  2. Yeah, Milo is feeling better, I think. There are still some mixed signals, but overall he's pretty happy and has been keeping the food down.

    Isn't he crazy! He keeps making his "cheezer stink face" now. He won't stop doing it. I swear his nose is going to stay wrinkled for life. Silly kid.